associative law

associative law
: a law indicating immateriality in the grouping of variables; specifically : any law of the form (φRχ)Rψ=φRRψ) where φ, χ, ψ are variables and R a dyadic operator [as (a +b)+c=a+(b+c) in arithmetic or (pvq)vr.≡.pv(qvr) in the propositional calculus] — called also principle of association

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associative law,
Mathematics. a law stating that the combinations by which two numbers are added or multiplied will not change their sum or product. Examples: 2 + (3 + 5) gives the same sum as (2 + 3) + 5; (2 × 3) × 5 gives the same product as 2 × (3 × 5).

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